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Feb 2 11

Design Test

by Henrik Alfredsson

Hey guys,

Thought I would post the level design test I did for Tarsier Studios. The test was to design a level for Little Big Planet, and to write a walkthrough of the level and the thoughts that went into designing it.

The document is six pages long and can be downloaded as a .PDF here. A larger picture of the level included in the document can be viewed here.


Nov 9 10

No updates? What gives?

by Henrik Alfredsson


Thought I would pop in and tell you guys why I haven’t been updating much. The reason is that I’m currently doing a level design test for a developer and I want to put all my time into that, since I really, really, want the job :)

We’ll see if I make a post about it when I’m done.

Until then, peace out!

Nov 1 10

Soon, it will be complete!

by Henrik Alfredsson


I managed to update my portfolio with new pictures of the level before heading to town for the weekend. I somehow neglected the blog, but fear not! The pictures are here! The changes since the last update is basically the whole red side of the level. The layout is the same, but the exterior look somewhat different to go along with the style (Red = warm, organic, earthy feeling. Blu = cold, blue machiney stuff).

Oct 19 10

I promised pictures!

by Henrik Alfredsson

Here are some pictures from the build I spoke of earlier. As you can see, things are getting done!

Oct 18 10

What is this? No pictures?!

by Henrik Alfredsson

Hey ‘yall!

I’ve haven’t been able to put as much time into the TF2 project as I wanted to, due to illness and various other causes. However, I did manage to get some work done on it today, mainly some more detailing work, a 3d skybox, clipping brushes, optimizing,  and getting all the edges of the map sorted (aka, make the “cut” from actual level to skybox look good). I’m basically trying to make the map ready for mirroring, so I don’t have to redo boring stuff when I get there. This also means getting the lighting to a respectable standard… which in the Source engine can take bit of time (re-compile every time you want to see the results!).

I promise pictures next time :D

Oct 8 10

Lighting Test

by Henrik Alfredsson

Hello there. I’ve been playing around with some lights today and took the time to take some beauty shots.

Oct 5 10

Another Day, Another TF2 Post

by Henrik Alfredsson

Hey all!

Today I’ve been spending some time with adding props, making the level look more complete. I’ve also added more geometry to bring detail and life into what was earlier just dead plain walls. Much more interesting now! I got some in-engine screens to share today (the first five are in-engine, rest from Hammer), as I just popped some lights in there to see what it could look like. More in-engine pics later though!

Sep 30 10

Continuation on the TF2 map

by Henrik Alfredsson

Civ 5 is consuming my soul. I have to physically restrain myself from playing it, it’s so good :) While in the mist of Civ’ing, I somehow managed to get some work done on the map. You could say the level is at a beta stage right now, I’m basically just working it over giving it more and more detail as I go along. The pictures below are when I tried to mirror the level up to get a feel for how it will look like in the end (thats why there’s two blu bases :P ). A real play test is coming real soon!

All screenshots were taken in Hammer, full bright and all that…

Sep 15 10

First art pass on the TF2 level!

by Henrik Alfredsson

Hey all!

I spent some time today to do the first art pass for the outdoor area for the level. Even though the map is mirrored, it’s important to give each side a unique feel and style. My idea for that is to make the blue side more geared towards refining grain and the red side harvesting and storing grain. Blue will have more machines on their side, while the reds will keep it more natural and organic. It’s fun to think that both sides at some point in time worked together, but something happened that really ticked them off :)

Pictures taken from Hammer directly.

Sep 13 10

My new project: a TF2 map!

by Henrik Alfredsson

Hi there!

I’ve been spending some time with a new project of mine, this time around it’s a Team Fortress 2 map. The map is still in a very early stage, with only basic brush work done to get a feel of the layout and how the spaces work together. The inspiration for this map is a mix of both 2Fort and Dustbowl. I have many fond memories of both maps ever since they appeared in Team Fortress Classic for the original Half-Life. I look at 2fort for its simplistic design whilst still offering a wide variety of strategies to be applied. The idea of invading something that I’ve got from playing on Dustbowl gave me the idea of making more room for the two teams to set up defenses and more “home space” for the team to move in. What on earth is “home space”, you wonder? It’s a word I just made up for describing the area between the main battleground or chokepoint (that being the bridge in this case), and relatively safeness of being inside the base.

I played the map a couple of hours using bots, just to sort out the most obvious faults with the layout. I’m surprised that the TF2 bots actually worked as good as they did! Enough talk, on to the pictures. As I said earlier though, these are from the first playable version of the map, with simple brush work only.

Blue lines are where you’d want to go to be on the offensive while the red ones show where to go to reach the intel.